Better Quality Adhesive

WOODLAND CHEMICALS  PVT. LTD is one of the leading adhesive manufacturing organizations, established in Delhi in   1988. In the journey that began 28 years ago, it has been established as a leading manufacturer of synthetic in the country. Owing to our quality and business ethics we stand among one of the predominant adhesive manufacturers in India. 
We derive our vision from our futuristic mission statement. it’s an everyday endeavor to steps towards the global dominance with no compromise on quality and reputation of an organization.

We offer a wide range of adhesive and binders under the brand name packad-col and WOODCOL which are extensively used every day as a solution to a diversified range of applications required in Construction, Furniture, Packaging, Electrical &Electronics, Engineering, Shipbuilding, Footwear, Automotive, Air-conditioning and Vitrified Tile manufacturing industries etc. as well as household applications.